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Article: Must read motorhome and campervan buyers guide of 2022

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Buying Guide

Must read motorhome and campervan buyers guide of 2022

The RV industry is growing increasingly popular as thousands of Aussies enter the market and invest in their 'retirement plan' ahead of schedule by buying a motorhome or caravan. Closed international borders has resulted in a surge of newfound nomads opting to hit the road and explore what Australia has to offer. 

With no better time to cruise coastlines on weekends or head to the wide open spaces of dusty red outback landscapes - the hardest decision you'll need to make is what home on wheels you choose for your new 'living in the moment' lifestyle! For most, buying a motorhome could be the biggest or second biggest purchase (after your home) of your life. To make it as smooth as possible and to get you on the road sooner experiencing the wonders of Australia, we've noted below the ultimate checklist to assist you on your RV buying journey.

Research & Plan

New motorhomes are starting from $100,000 onwards, so you can guess right, the first advice we will dish out is it’s a wise choice to embark on a research and planning journey before buying.

Spontaneity can be kept alive with the rush of the RV buying experience (you’ll need to move quick to lock in a build slot ⏱️) – but we recommend leaving the impulse purchases to a hard left turn into Macca’s drive through on a weeknight! After all, buying a motorhome is one of the greatest ‘investments’ you’ll make in life.

The variety of RVs is immense and there are plenty of options to choose from, all with different layouts, features, and price points.

Start by asking yourself - what style of travelling do I want to do? How many people are joining me on my journey? Do I require space? Do I actually need an abundance of storage? Do I have a preference on drive performance?

You can also tap into the online RV community, search RV forums, Facebook groups, YouTube videos for advice from other RVers. This will help you get a feel for what is out there and familiarise yourself with the different types of layouts, brands, and lengths.

Make yourself a wish list with 'must haves' and 'nice to haves'. Knowing what you want and what’s possible from an RVing experience up front will help you narrow down your options. 


A budget is one of the most realistic aspects when deciding what RV you are able to purchase.

Set your budget and be comfortable with a bit of padding either side. The market is hot, and there are no signs of the demand slowing down. Thinking of holding off to ride out the boom? Our second most valuable advice is don't - remember, this is an investment in your life.

That being said, the RVing lifestyle is intended to reduce stress and bring about enjoyable, memorable moments. It’s easy to get carried away with all the great amenities that are on offer nowadays. Keep your essential must haves top of mind and only aim for the nice to haves if there is room within your budget.

Caravans Away offers packaged and standard caravans and motorhomes to suit all budgets. 

Purpose Of The Vehicle

When deciding on a motorhome or campervan, it’s extremely important that you find one that fits your lifestyle. Decide what type of travel you intend to do in your motorhome. Do you intend to live full time in your vehicle and lap Australia? Would you like to use it for longer stays away from home?  Are you only interested in going on shorter weekend trips? What locations are you planning on visiting? Do you need a vehicle suitable for off grid adventures or are you looking to stick to the road and wind down at designated campgrounds?

Are you choosing to RV mainly for outdoor adventures or to just get some relaxing time away in your home away from home? This will influence the amount of space needed and which layout you choose.

What you plan on doing with your first motorhome will largely define which model is right for you. It is essential that your motorhome is tailored to your own type of adventure and tailored with all the essentials.

Caravans Away offers a variety of RVs in various sizes to suit solo adventurers, travelling duos or families. 

Type Of RV

When it comes to motorised RVs, motorhomes and campervans are the most common to note in Australia.

Nowadays, both motorhomes and campervans bring the wow-factor when it comes to a functional design and style - purpose built for on the road living. Leading brands like Winnebago and Windsor RVs are continuously evolving to stay on trend and deliver a homes on wheels that offer all the essential features found in a typical home.

Motorhomes, as a general definition in today's market, are spacious recreational vehicles which include sleeping zones, a living and dining space, kitchen and a full size bathroom. You will also find features such as TV, air-conditioning, lighting and storage all standard inclusions in most layouts. Motorhomes are ideal for those who appreciate the need for space, storage and travelling with company (i.e. bringing the grandkids along for a school holiday adventure with handy dual purpose overhead beds / storage compartment in the luton peak). 

Campervans on the other hand offer the same features but in a more compact design. Built with the savvy traveller in mind, campervans are perfect for those looking for the convenience of a easily manoeuvrable all-in-one vehicle, and without the need for an abundance of space and storage. 

Caravans Away offers a range of motorhomes and campervans to suit your adventure. 


Whether you’re a young travelling duo, family of four or more or retired seniors, it is crucial to accommodate your berth numbers when considering which RV is right for you.

A little campervan might look like a great drive, but the lack of space could lead to you and your travelling partner driving each other nuts. On the other end of the spectrum, the luxury of space in a large motorhome may also seem like the best option, but will most likely come with the luxurious price tag to suit it.

Keep in mind your travel group size, the storage needed for all belongings, and what additional onboard facilities you will need.

An important consideration when deciding on the size of your van is how you will be storing it when you’re not out on the road. Keeping in mind its length and height and how much storage space you have at home. 

Don't have anywhere to store it? Maybe make the most of your investment and list it on Camplify for hire.

Understand Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturers typically offer their own warranties that cover workmanship and structure. Warranty is crucial when purchasing a new RV and will give you that extra peace-of-mind.

When buying a motorhome, make sure you completely understand the warranties included in the purchase as well as the limitations and requirements of the warranty.

Caravans Away certainly has you covered. All our vehicles include warranties set by the manufacturers and for extra peace of mind Caravans Away offers extended warranty offers at point of purchase through a third party provider.

Motorhomes are great investments and buying one need not be a stressful task. With Caravans Away you are able to do it all online and in the comfort of your own home. So you get to spend more time planning all the exciting adventures to come.

Explore Caravans Away's range of new Caravans, Motorhomes, and Campervans for sale and get on the road sooner.

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