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Hey there traveller, It's time to get ready for your RV!

We are in the process of getting your RV ready for delivery. It is time for you to prepare for the arrival of your brand new home on wheels and this page has all the information you need ahead of taking ownership of your RV.

Now is a good time to sit back, kick your feet up with a cuppa in one hand and your tech device in the other. This may take between 10-15 minutes.


Please ensure you are carefully reading all the way to the end and completing the form. In order to book your RV for final transport to your home, we await confirmation that you have read and understood the following.





Getting ready for delivery - notice before the day

Our team will aim to coordinate delivery with you approximately 1 week out from the day. Please be advised, at times we will need to work within shorter to longer timeframes in order to provide the best opportunity to deliver your RV to you ahead of or during peak seasons. 


Getting ready for delivery - on the day

Our trusted third party transport company will be in contact with you between 1-3 hours ahead of delivery to your door. You can expect a phone call from a random number. We will do our best to provide you the name of the transport company so you may keep an eye out in the street. 


Get a designated drop off zone ready

Ahead of the day, figure out where you would like your RV parked on delivery. This may be on the kerb, or in your driveway. You can instruct the driver to park it where you wish, as long as it is easy access from the street and is unobstructed. 


Tip - park it next to a power point for mains power access (more on this further down).


Street clearance for parking of transport truck

When your RV pulls up out the front, we will get you to head out the front to meet the transport driver. It is imperative that there is enough space for the transport driver to navigate with ease around the entrance of your property. Our truckies are skilled in driving large vehicles, however we would like to ensure your special package stays safe. To avoid any incidents, keep your cars clear for turnaround points.

Proof of ID
Our transport driver will ask you for proof of ID on delivery. Be sure to have this handy and ready to show the driver. We reserve the right to not deliver your RV if you fail to produce ID, or be present during the advised delivery window.

We work with you to agree on a delivery window ahead of time. 

Get your insurance ready

You may wish to insure your RV ahead of its arrival. You will find all the information you require on your contract of sale, except for the vehicle identification number (VIN). For this, please contact us at

There are a number of insurance providers in the market that offer great cover for motorhomes and caravans. 

Be prepared to plug into your home for power & water
It is recommended that you get ready to plug into mains power on the first day. While you will be spending the first few times in your RV learning, you will want to be comfortable, and during the peak of Summer, having the aircon running will be a great help! For this, you'll need connection to mains power.

For mains power to work, a 15 amp RV/ motorhome power lead will need to be plugged into the RVs power inlet (located on the outside of the RV) and the other side plugged into a 240V power source. To use residential power sources you will need a 15 to 10amp converter/ adapter. You can buy a lead and adapter at Bunnings, BCF or your local RV parts store.

    While you're at the shops, you are going to want to purchase a fresh water (blue) hose. These typically cost around $30-35.00. This way you will be able to test out the RV plumbing features without having to fill up your tanks straight away. It is always recommended to drain your tanks in between trips. 

    Further information on how to connect to mains power & plumbing is provided in your handover guide on delivery, however for now you can expect to do the following for fresh water to your RV:

    1. Find the brass male connecter located in your kitchen
    2. Screw into the secondary inlet point located outside of your RV
    3. Clip the blue water hose in and turn on the tap
    4. Nothing will happen until you go to use the tap, shower or toilet inside


    1. Get an entry mat

    It might sound random, but you will be so excited running in and out of your RV, dusting your feet off before you do can easily be overlooked! Save yourself the hassle of unnecessary cleaning by putting your door mat down from get go.

    2. Open up all of the RV windows

    Your RV has just come off the production line, there are strong glues and cleaning products that have been used in your RV during its build. Get some fresh air in the van so its more pleasant on the nose.

    3. Read your welcome letter

    We have placed a welcome letter in your RV. It shouldn't be hard to miss, it will have your name on it.

    Please read this and follow the prompts. It will direct you to scan a QR code, so have your phone handy or iPad handy.

    This link will open up our RV Resource Hub where you may begin your handover. If you don't have time immediately to go through the full online handover modules, watch the first video at minimum before doing anything in your van.




    One final step, click here to read our final pre-delivery confirmation checklist.