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Traveller Tips

While the majority of your learnings will come from spending time out on the road and experiencing your RV, we've compiled a list of somewhat random tips that we feel might help you ahead of time!

This collection of tips have come from our team's experience whilst living the RV lifestyle. If you have a traveller tip you'd like to share with us, send it in at 


Traveller tips:

  • Always have fresh drinking water supply stored in your RV. You never know how long it might take from town to town. Don't be caught off guard without fluids.
  • Switch the fridge on a good few hours before you plan to leave, ideally overnight so it has time to get cool before you put food in.
  • Never underestimate your payload, always keep a record of what you are bringing into the van.¬†
  • Weight distribution counts for motorhomes and campervans as well! It won't take an engineer degree to know you should evenly distribute your weight, but if you ever get stuck, there are a number of state weight check businesses that can assist you with learning everything you need to know to keep you safe on the road.
  • If you get really stuck with no power and need to keep your freezer cold, chuck a bag of ice into the freezer and it will help keep contents in the freezer and fridge cool, until you get to a power source.
  • Figure out how to turn the lights on in the dark!¬†This will probably be done using the control panel near the habitation door- learn which button you need to press; you'll be amazed how often you need it when you come in at night or during the night.
  • Download Campstay to pre-book holiday parks ahead of your travels!¬†
  • Take it SLOW. Enjoy the journey, but most of all, remember you are not driving around the fast track in your oversized vehicle.¬†
  • Expect the unexpected¬†- Flat tyres do happen and never in a convenient place. Be prepared to change a tyre and perhaps wait a few hours or overnight to be repaired. Remember to keep your receipt and hand it in at the end of the hire to be refunded for the cost of repair (if you are covered for tyre damage).

  • Crossing State Borders¬†- Due to Australian States being in different time zones, the times may alter. Be prepared to adjust your clock when travelling between states as this could affect your arrival times. It may be half an hour to an hour different which would affect your judgement with closing times for shops, petrol stations, caravan parks.

  • Share the Driving¬†- Driving can become tiresome and if you share the driving not only will it make your journey safer, you will be able enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscapes of Australia from the passenger seat.

Always remember to:

  • Practice safe and responsible driving (maybe some road safety stats)
  • Know your weight - (information on weights, maybe a quick and basic definition guide)
  • Share the road - you're driving a larger vehicle, know your limits and surroundings, be courteous of other road users. You're on holiday time, not participating in Grand Prix, slamming your foot on the breaks is guaranteed to result in cleaning as your fridge contents goes up in the smashing about.
  • On that note, invest in grip mats for your cupboards. At trip to Ikea or Kmart for storage solutions is a must.
  • If you hit a spout of rainy days, your solar won't charge your batteries and you find yourself without a fridge... think of it as a big esky, a bag of ice will do the trick to get you in between sunshine and next towns.
  • Always lock up
  • Put your keys on a lanyard
  • Be mindful of your vehicles height when driving and storing